Monday 13 January 2020

2020 Home Reset- Utility Closet

We live in a smaller home that does not have great storage.  This has definitely encouraged us to embrace minimalism as much as we can.  It also means that we have to be creative with the storage that we do have.  My kitchen cupboard space is cramped and poorly planned.  This means that our kitchen appliances (like my beloved Instant Pot) have to find homes elsewhere.  Enter the utility closet.  This closet is near our front door entrance (which is rarely used) and just off of the living room.  It stores cleaning supplies, cookbooks, craft supplies, and kitchen appliances.  We put a wire shelf in the closet and my handy husband built a wood shelf for the closet.  This helps us maximize the space that we can use.

This space has to be flexible because our family's needs change all the time.  The closet wasn't super crazy but it was not living up to its potential.  I made a few changes and cleaned it out to help us get the most use out of this closet.



I moved the basket of extension cords (which are only used twice a year) to the top shelf, along with cleaning supplies and recipe books.  The newfound space on the second shelf allowed me to stash the girls' board games, activities, craft sets and instruments.  

The bottom shelves of the closet remained mostly the same.  I vacuumed the closet and wiped the shelves.

This closet is being utilized better now and I am so happy with how it turned out!

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