Monday 3 February 2020

2020 Home Reset- Hallway Closet

Our hallway closet is quite small.  It stores towels, toilet paper, tissues, pharmacy items and extra soap/toiletries.  I went through it to make sure we only had what we needed/would use.  I pitched a few items that were out of date and gave away a few products that we don't use. 



Check List:

  • Take everything out of the closet
  • Check the dates on everything, especially medications
  • Throw away any outdated items
  • Donate/give away anything that you will not use
  • Wipe shelves
  • Replace the items that you use or will use


  1. A hall closet, what a luxury! haha (Seriously, we are somehow the house of no closets! No closets and no outlets, wah.) You did a great job organizing yours!

  2. No closets? That would be so difficult! And no outlets? Ugh. I bet you are good at being creative to find storage!