Monday 24 February 2020

2020 Home Reset- Kid's Closets

I have two daughters and they each have a bedroom.  They are young (2 and 5) and I often find myself just shoving things back into their closets in the hustle of our daily lives.  I tackled their closets  during my home reset and it went a lot faster than I anticipated.

Miss. Em's Closet (2 year old)

I pulled everything out and removed anything we no longer use or that she has outgrown.  I wiped down shelves and replaced the items.


Miss. E's closet (5 year old)

Miss. E's closet took a little longer, as she is old enough to help and provide opinions.  We took everything out.  We removed items that Miss. E has outgrown or won't wear.  We went through her jewelry box and she donated a few things that she doesn't use.  We went through her shoes and "small things jar" (where she keeps her trinkets).  She donated a few things and threw away a few things.


Ahhhhh... So much better, right?


  • Remove every single thing from the closet.
  • Get rid of anything in poor repair, that does not fit, that doesn't get used.
  • Wipe the shelves, vacuum the floor.
  • Replace items neatly.

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