Wednesday 26 February 2020

Spring Capsule Wardrobe Planning 2020

I don't have any outfit pictures for you today.  I spent most of my last two weeks in sweat pants, taking care of sick kids.  We have had a few warm days and the days are getting longer.  I just received my seeds for my garden in the mail and I am in a spring frame of mind.   I though that I could write a bit about my planning process for my next capsule wardrobe.  I plan to start using my new capsule wardrobe on March 17.

1.)  Spring is a strange mix of  winter and summer with some in between temperatures, as well.  I will need clothes to suit all of these temperatures.

2.)  I love colour in spring.  I will be adding more colour to my wardrobe this season.

3.)  The warmer weather makes it much easier to wear dresses.  I like wearing dresses so I am very excited about this.

4.)  Size and fit.  My body has changed in the last six months.  I made a few purchase to account for my body changes.  My old clothes don't all fit and I want to be comfortable.

My colour inspiration for my next wardrobe comes from my garden, of course!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Ooh, I love that you're taking your color inspo from your garden! What a great idea!