Wednesday 17 June 2015

One Last Addition! Wardrobe Wednesday 17.6.15

I was in the city by myself on Monday and I popped by the mall in between appointments to look around.  Much to my surprise they had added a new lingerie store and a few other stores.  I was quick to snap up two new (non-nursing!) bras.  Clothes fit better with the correct underpinnings!  I got sized by one of the store clerks and I was happy to find out that my bra size was relatively the same.  After a pregnancy and nursing for a year, I wasn't sure that would be the case.

Anyway!  After I had bought the new bras, I waltzed by Ricki's and what did I see?  The military inspired utility vest that I have been seeking for about 6  months.  Honestly!  You wouldn't think that they would be hard to find, but apparently they are!  Perhaps it was just the wrong season?

I had decided that I would purchase the vest whenever I found it and if it made sense, add it to the capsule that I was currently in.  That is exactly what happened.  I made the purchase and it is nestled in my closet with my other Summer Capsule Wardrobe pieces.

I decided that I wanted this versatile piece when I saw all the ways it could add style to my wardrobe.  I think that it is a piece that can be worn in any season and I like to use military olive as a neutral.  I can't think of a colour that it clashes with!  My inspiration for styling this piece came from Audrey's blog, Putting Me Together.  She calls this vest a completer piece and she uses hers quite often.  I highly recommend this blog to anyone who is looking to build on their style or completely rework their closet!  I have found some great resources on her blog.  Audrey doesn't normally do capsule wardrobes, but her tips and tricks can really help you build a good capsule wardrobe, because she strives for items that work in many ways!

Here is the vest!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. I would wear this with a white tee and khaki pants. It is a piece you can build on for sure. Good choice

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I actually paired it with a white tee and jeans the other day! I guess we are on a similar wavelength! ;)