Tuesday 2 June 2015

Spring Wardrobe- In Review

I am switching over to my Summer wardrobe this month.  It has been quite hot here and I am ready for Summer clothes.  I was really pleased with my Spring Wardrobe.  I used most pieces and I only ruined one piece.  Here is my Spring Wardrobe Recap:


I really liked the black tank top when I first bought it.  It does a great job of hiding a "baby belly", but this isn't really an issue for me anymore.  I will hang onto it just in case we are lucky enough to have another baby.  The anchor top is cute, but I didn't want to wear it.  It sat in my closet the WHOLE time.  It is going in the donate pile.  Same goes for the pink jacket.  I loved the dress in theory and I did wear it to Easter, but the fit is all wrong.  It makes me look bigger than I am.  I don't really like it.  It will also be donated.


I got the most wear out of these items.  There is quite a blue theme going on!  I found these pieces to be versatile and fun to wear!  I had a lot more options in my Spring wardrobe than my Winter wardrobe.  I was better at executing my vision and I am pleased with the results.


This shirt fell apart after being washed.  I was so upset because I loved it!  I tried to fix it, but that just ruined it even more!  I am disappointed in myself.

Too Big:

I loved the boyfriend jeans.  My husband and I had started working out and I lost 8 pounds.  Those awesome jeans and my skirt no longer fit me.  They literally fall off of me.  This is great for my waistline but I was sad to pack these clothes away.  I kept them in hopes that Hubby and I will have another baby and I will require larger clothes.  (Fingers crossed!)

Overall, my Spring Wardrobe was a win.  I liked the clothes that I had to wear and I felt like I had an outfit to suit every occasion.  I am looking forward to my Summer Wardrobe.  I hope to reveal it next week.  I am still waiting for a few items to arrive.  I live in a small town and shipping can take a while. (Sad face!)  

Happy Wednesday!

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