Sunday 14 June 2015

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Reveal

Ahhh... Summer.  It is music to this Canadian's ears.  Winter seems to last FOREVER and I welcome the heat, sunshine and the beauty that Summer brings.  Summer gets quite hot during the days here, but the nights are still cool.  I planned my wardrobe around my most common activities (being a Mom and chasing a toddler).  Here it is!


Forever 21 (old), Joe Fresh (old)

Forever 21 (old), Ricki's (old)

Old Navy (old),  Reitmans (old)


Winners (new!),  Old Navy (old)

Both are Joe Fresh (old)


Me To We Style (new!),  Old Navy (old)

Joe Fresh (old),  Winners (old)

Forever 21 (old),  Ricki's (old)

Joe Fresh (old), Warehouse One (old)

Joe Fresh (old),  Me to We Style (new!)

Both are Me to We Style (new!)

Reitmans (old),  Joe Fresh (old)

Both are Me to We Style (old)


Body Politic (new), Me to We Style (new)

Gift from Hawaii (old),  Sirens (old)

Old Navy (old)

MISSING:  Red and White Hawaiian Dress that used to belong to my Mom.  It is currently being tailored and I haven't got it back yet!


Hudson\s Bay Company (old), Aritzia (old)

Eclipse (old)


Toms (new!), Mark's (old!)

From Top:  Gift (old), Ardene (old), Joe Fresh (old)

That is 10 bottoms, 16 tops, 6 dresses, 3 jackets and 5 pairs of shoes.  I have a total of 40 items in my Capsule Wardrobe.  I am excited to wear all of my pieces!  I feel like this wardrobe fits my lifestyle, while looking put together.  I am excited to make outfits and show you a few of them on Wardrobe Wednesdays.


  1. Hi! Great pieces! I loved my capsule wardrobe! I don't think that I could be as perseverant as you are to do capsules all year long. You go, girl! I hope that Miss E. is feeling better and that you had a great weekend!


    1. Thanks, Sarah. I enjoy the capsule wardrobes because I find that they really keep my spending on track and my style focused. I am glad you enjoyed your capsule wardrobe. It is a nice reminder of all that we do have. Miss. E is feeling much better, thanks! I appreciate you thinking of her!