Friday 3 July 2015

High Five For Friday- 03.07.15

Hello Friday!  Summer is definitely here.  It has been HOT and I am enjoying it as much as I can.  Here are my five highlights from the week:

1.)  I saw my brother last weekend.  It was really nice because it was just him, Miss. E and I.  I don't get much one on one time with him and I really enjoyed it.

2.)  The weather has been beautiful.  It has been super hot, which I am not normally a fan of.  I am embracing it this year and soaking up all the heat that I can.

3.)  I got out and went for a walk with a friend this week.  I haven't really been out much since Miss. E is still sick.  It was nice to have some time outside and it was nice to chat for a while.

4.)  Canada Day was really low key for us this year.  Miss E. is still sick and my hubby had to work, so we just hung out at home.  It was nice, though.  I am truly grateful that I get to live in such a wonderful country.

5.)  With all of my "home" time, I have been cruising Instagram a bit and I have found some other people who are doing capsule wardrobes.  I like following these people because it gives some great inspiration.  If you are looking for outfit inspiration, I suggest searching Instagram.

I hope that all of my American blog friends and readers have a safe and fun weekend, celebrating the Fourth of July.  I hope everyone else has a lovely weekend, too!  If you want to join in H54F, link up with the lovely ladies below!


  1. I didn't start Instagramming until I started blogging, but I love it! It's perfect for outfit ideas. It sounds like you've have a great week! We've had a lot of rain where I live for the past month, with some sunshine mixed in.

    Thanks for linking up with us for H54F!

    1. Thanks for hosting! I love linking up! Instagram is a wonderful thing. :). Hopefully you start getting some warmer weather soon. Summer is so much more enjoyable when you can get outside!

  2. Yay for getting out on a walk! I've been doing that too, and it's been so nice. Even though it gets nasty hot so early here in NC. So sorry that E is still under the weather! Hopefully she'll round the corner soon. Hope you have a great week!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. I think we finally have turned that corner! Two full days with no wheezing! Thank goodness! I was happy to get out for that walk. They are so rejuvenating! Have a great week!