Wednesday 15 July 2015

High Five For Friday- 17.07.15

I am cheating a little and writing this on Wednesday.  We leave Thursday morning bright and early for my Hubby's annual family camping trip.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone and to getting in some fun camping activities.  Here are my five highlights from the past week:

1.)  Last Friday, Hubby and I went for dinner in the city.  It was a lovely evening.  We grabbed some groceries for our upcoming camping trip.  We also got ice cream and coffee for the drive home.  It was a fun night!

I am so super pale compared to Hubby.  Oh my!

2.)  Saturday we went to my parent's cabin and soaked up the heat.  We went swimming in the lake, had a BBQ lunch and I got to see my Grandma.  It was a lovely day!

3.)  We sold our holiday trailer on Saturday night.  It had only been listed for a few days so I was shocked that it went as quickly as it did!  We will miss it, but our savings account is happy to have the extra dough.

4.)  On Sunday we ventured out to the local pool, which we hadn't been to before (for shame!).  It was gorgeous!  It has a wading pool (perfect for little ones), grassy areas with chairs and picnic tables and perfectly warm water.  We had a blast!

5.)  Miss. E had a positive check up at the pediatrician on Monday.  I was so relieved.  Hubby was able to come for the appointment, which was nice!

How was your week?  If you want to join in H54F link up with Tif, Katie, Della and Caitlin!  Have an amazing weekend and I will see you when I get back next week!


  1. haha I am super pale compared to everyone, so I know that feel :) Ice cream and Tim Horton's, alright! And Miss E is so cute in her little sun hat! (IS IT A CAT?! It appears to have whiskers and ears!) Hope you guys have a great trip!

    1. I am glad to hear that I am not alone in the pale club! Yes, the hat is a cat! Too cute, right?

  2. Don't feel bad, I'm super pale too! Miss E is so adorable. I bet she loved swimming. I hope you had a wonderful camping trip. Thanks for linking up friend!

    1. I am in good company, then! Miss. E is getting used to swimming, ha ha! It's a bit of a learning curve. Thank you for hosting!