Wednesday 1 July 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday- 01.07.15

Happy Canada Day!  Today is Canada's 148th birthday.   I had my outfit all planned out, but the seamstress isn't done with my dress yet.  I opted to wear my red skirt and white t-shirt.  It makes me feel patriotic and adorable.  Unfortunately, I wore it for the photo only and then I changed back into my sweats.  Miss. E is still sick.  We visited the pediatrician earlier this week and he changed her medication.  Hopefully, this new set works.

Here are my outfits from the week:

Running errands around town.  I love the vest and t-shirt dress together.  It was comfortable and versatile.  I love having the vest pockets.  You can never have too many pockets when you are toting around a toddler.

I knotted the black t-shirt dress over my maxi dress to make it look like a skirt/shirt combination.  It was super comfortable and great for spending the day with my little girl.

This is my Canada Day outfit.  It was cute and patriotic.  I was disappointed I didn't get to wear it out, but maybe I will get the chance later this summer!

Happy Wednesday and happy Canada day!


  1. Vest and t-shirt dress--DUH! What a smart combo! I have a t-shirt dress that I am struggling to switch up (it's pretty much a dress-belt-leggings situation always), and a vest could totally work... provided I go out of my comfort zone and obtain one! haha Happy Canada Day! I hope you got to celebrate with some delicious Timbits! :) (Any time I'm in NYC, where they actually have Tim Horton's, I make whoever is with me accompany me on a Timbits quest haha)

    1. Ha ha! Thanks, Jess! Vests can be wonderful things. I hope you find one you like! I didn't get any Timbits on Canada Day. Very un- Canadian of me. I love them, though. So delicious! I am glad you have access to them! I knew that they had a few Tim Hortons in the states, but I didn't know where! ;).