Tuesday 28 July 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday- 29.07.15

I have a few outfits for you this week!  Yay!  I am loving my Summer Capsule Wardrobe.  I am finding fewer "holes" in it than my last two wardrobes, so I think I might be getting the hang of things!  I do wish I had included a long sleeve t-shirt, a black t-shirt (although I have been using my dress and that seems to work) and a patterned tank.  Here are this week's outfits:

This was a great rainy day outfit.  It was warm, but still felt beachy to me.

I know that the hat is a bit much in this one, but it was fun and provided great sun protection!  I love these pants!  They are pretty much light, flowy sweatpants.  AHHH-MA-ZING!

This dress originally belonged to my mother in the 70's.  It was midi length on me, but I had the dress hemmed to knee length.  It looks much better!  Especially since I am so short.

My parents brought this back for me from Maui.  It is super comfortable and flowy.  It also fit me when I was 41 + weeks pregnant... so it is versatile! 

I hope you are all having a great day!  Happy Wednesday!


  1. I love that sun hat and those patterned pants--they look great and super comfy!

    1. Thanks, Jess. The pants are one of my favourite things to wear!