Saturday 23 July 2016

10 Random Facts- Day 23

Today I thought I would share 10 random facts that you might not know about me.  I enjoy reading these posts on other people's blogs so I decided to give it a go!

1.)  I really loved Nancy Drew books growing up.  We used to go to Costco with my parents and they sold the hardcover Nancy Drew books in packs of 3.  My parents usually let me get one when we were there.  (My Mom also loved Nancy Drew growing up!)  I thought that Nancy Drew was so cool and I wanted to be a detective just like her!

2.)  I was hit with a tennis racquet when I was in 3rd grade.  I was hit in the eyebrow and I now have a chunk of eyebrow missing in the middle of my right eyebrow.  I rarely fill it in.

3.)  I am Canadian so I don't allow the spellchecker to correct the way I spell colour, neighbour or honour.  We follow the British spelling of these words, which have the "u". I grew up spelling this way so it annoys me when Blogger tells me I am wrong.

4.)  The first poem I ever wrote was about a rat and being frustrated that it was gone.  Strange, I know.  I wasn't very old.  Probably Grade 1.

5.)  I snore.  Oh boy, do I snore!  I have allergies so I think that's the main cause.  Poor Hubby.

6.)  I am playing "Pokemon Go".  It is kind of cute.  I never play games so my Hubby was shocked,but I like collecting the random little creatures.  I don't play obsessively (um... #toddlermom and #housework) and I don't really understand it, but I do like it.

7.)  My old summer jobs include: librarian and janitor.  I used to clean the school when I was on summer break and I actually really enjoyed it.  I also loved the library, because I love reading!

8.)  As a child I used to wish that Mary Poppins would come babysit me.

9.)  I super vivid dreams and can almost always remember them.  Hubby rarely remembers his dreams.

10.)  I love cherry strudels.  They are terrible for me, but I love them!

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