Friday 29 July 2016

Summertime To Do List (High Five For Friday)- Day 29

Eeek!  Half of Summer is already gone!  I can hardly believe it.  It feels like we just started June!  I am going to share a few things that we still want to do this summer.  Summers never seem long enough and a person has to try to cram everything in!

1.) Visit Drumheller, AB-  We would love to take Miss. E to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to see the dinosaur bones and other prehistoric fossils.  The land around Drumheller is super interesting and I think she would enjoy the trip!

2.)  Have a few more backyard fires.-  I love sitting by the fire.  It is so soothing.  I hope to get to do this a few more times this summer!

3.)  Hit the beach!-  Miss. E was completely in love with the beach which was so much fun!  I would love to take her again so she can dig in the sand and play in the water.

4.)  Visit my brother.-  My brother recently moved so we would like to go visit him.  It is always nice to see him and it is certainly our turn to visit!

5.)  Plant some raspberries.-  We bought a few raspberry bushes for the cabin.  Our family loves to eat raspberries and it would help fill in some of the bush that is slowly dying off.

Do you have more plans for summer?  I would love to hear about them!

****I totally spaced out when writing this post- I forgot that it would be published on Friday!  BUT, it is a list of 5 so it all worked out.  If you want to link up for High Five For Friday, please do so with the lovely ladies below!


  1. That sounds like a fun 2nd half of summer! You are doing such a great job with your July blogging - way to go!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort