Monday 18 July 2016

Quick City Getaway: What I Packed- Day 18

Hubby and I have to make a quick trip to the city this week.  We are going to take advantage of the evening to ourselves and go out for a date night.  In the photo below I have shown you all of the pieces that I plan to wear over the 2 day trip.  We have a 4 hour car ride each day so I tried to pick outfits that would be comfortable.  The forecast is calling for rain the first day and my Hubby likes to run the AC full blast, so my outfit has to be warm.  I made sure to pack a special outfit for date night because a night out is something to celebrate!

From left: 

Outfit #1 (For the car ride to the city.):  Black leggings, light pink tank top, grey sweater, and black Tom's.  

Outfit #2 (For the car ride home.):  Grey sweater, striped tank dress and black Tom's.

Outfit #3 (For our date night.):  Black pleated skirt, black tank, black belt and leopard heels.

Outerwear:  Long trench coat- a must for the rain!


  1. Perfect!!! Hope you enjoy your getaway! It will be fun to spend time together.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea