Tuesday 12 July 2016

Inexpensive Ways to Survive Trips With Your Toddler- Day 12

I have made a lot of long trips with my toddler lately.  Some have been pleasant, some not so much.  Here are the things I have learned:

1.)  Have snacks in toddler sized containers.  I keep a small bowl in the car that I pour Miss. E's snacks in.  It helps to keep the mess down and the she seems to make the snacks last longer that way.  I pack the snacks from home so I don't have to purchase anything on the road.

2.)  Leave at a time that works for your toddler.  I had been trying to leave earlier in the day because it was easier to arrive at our destination before supper.  It made for horrible trips with my daughter.  Miss. E is a high energy kid and she doesn't actually nap at home.  She does, however, start to get tired in the afternoons.  She will also sleep in the car in the afternoon.  Unless I have to leave for an appointment or make an event, I leave after lunch.  This way, Miss. E can burn some energy off in the morning and sleep the first couple hours of the drive.  (Our drive is 6 hours long.)

3.)  Stickers.  Miss. E loves stickers.  The general consensus among the toddler moms that I know is that most kids do.  I stopped at Dollarama and picked up an inexpensive book of stickers and a notebook.  It amazes me how long she will sit and stick her stickers to the book (and herself!).

4.)  Sing songs.  Miss. E loves songs and can actually sing quite a few on her own.  We sing songs together.  The sillier the song, the better!  It is a great way to occupy time and it doesn't cost a thing.

5.)  Spotting animals out the window.  This doesn't have to be animals, necessarily.  It could be buildings or clouds or anything else that you may spot on your trip.  Miss. E is obsessed with cows, right now.  I live on the prairies, where there are many ranches.  Cows are guaranteed on our drives in the Summer and Fall!  I like to point out cows on Miss. E's side of the vehicle.  She also spends time "searching" out her window for cows.  It is always exciting when she sees one!  This game is free and Miss. E really enjoys it.

How do you survive trips with your toddler?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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