Wednesday 1 March 2017

February- Goals and The No Spend Year

February was crazy!  We packed up our lives (again!) and moved to a new house.  We own this house, so we are pumped to not have to move again any time soon (thank goodness!).  I was happy with the way I kept to some of my goals this month.  Other goals received little to no attention, but I think that is normal during busy times in our life.  Here is a recap of how my 2017 goals went this month.

Goal #1-Complete a no-spend year.

I have had another successful month.  We got possession of our new house and aside from the few things were are renovating, I have not purchased anything for the house.  

We are currently renovating the upstairs bathroom.  The tub had no enamel left so it was rough and porous.  The vanity top had been 'painted' by a previous owner, but it wasn't done properly.  This resulted in a rough, weird texture which isn't really wipe-able (yuck!).  We will complete the bathroom renovation with a new fixture and medicine cabinet.  These aren't necessary (like the tub and vanity top) but we want to get all of the bathroom renovation done at one time.  We are also painting the upstairs walls.  The walls were red (yikes!) and grey.  The paint is in rough shape so it needed to be done.  We are not counting these against my no-spend year.

Can we talk about triggers for a second?  I really despise the window treatments in this house.  Ugh.  The blinds are ugly and not functioning properly.  The curtains aren't what I would have chosen.  I do have 3 sets of curtains from the rental and I plan to use 2 of them in this house.  I am, however, resisting the urge to buy anything new.  No new blinds and no new curtains.  This is a challenge for me, but it boils down to the fact that window treatments are decor and I can make what I have work.  I also want to purchase another mat for the front door, even though what I have will work. The kitchen in our new (to us) house is also strange and set up poorly.  I would love to purchase some shelves for the kitchen and some organizers for the pantry, but I feel that those items would fall within the "want" category and would therefore violate the no-spend year.  I will wait on those items.  If I feel that I still want those purchases next year, I will make the purchase at that time.

Goal #2- Establish a self-care routine.

I was able to continue with most of routines that were already in place, despite the packing, moving, painting and renovating. (Win!)  I haven't made any headway on any of the other goals, so I plan to put some focus on those goals in March.

Goal #3- Say yes to family time.

We have done well with this goal.  We have had to say no to certain things to make sure that we have kept in line with our family time goals.  Hubby and I joined the Daycare board (our town's Daycare is run by volunteers).  We decided that we wanted to be involved with the decisions being made about our daughter' Daycare so we joined together.  Miss. E will come to meetings with us.

Goal #4- Start school in September.

This goal was neglected again this month.

Goal #5-Learn more about traditional prayers and incorporate them into my prayer life.

This goal was also neglected this month.

Goal #6- Establish a routine for the blog and stick to the blog's vision.

The blog has been quite neglected this month with the move/renovations.  I hope to remedy that in March.


This month has gone well, considering everything that we had to do  It is inevitable that a few things will hit the back-burner when something time-consuming (like moving!) happens in our life.  I am looking forward to a calmer schedule in March and I plan to work towards my goals a bit more.

How is your year going?  Are you reaching your goals?  If not, don't despair!  We are only 2 months into the year!  We have plenty of 2017 left to reach our goals!

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