Wednesday 22 March 2017

Let's Chat

This past weekend was a whirlwind.  I am so excited because we got so much done!  We have finished our bathroom renovation to about 90 % and I finished painted the kitchen and dining room!  The house is looking much fresher, cleaner and it feels like it is ours.  The house we bought hadn't been painted in at least 5 years (probably longer) and it really needed to be done.  My kitchen and dining room were originally red, but we changed the colour to a light grey.  I love it.  The grey has blue undertones, so it feels very coastal (in the middle of the prairies, ha!).  I like my house to be light and bright so the colour change has really made me happy.

We also decided to tackle potty training this past weekend.  Oh boy.  It went a LOT better this time, but it was still quite a process.  While she is not 100 %, but Miss. E is doing really well.  Hopefully our momentum will continue into this week!

I started to pull out my Spring clothes, as the weather had really warmed up.  The next day it decided to get cool again.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I love seeing brighter colours and lighter fabrics when I open my closet.

Thanks for reading this super random post.  I really meant to get some blogging done this weekend, but the renos took longer than we thought they would.  I should be able to get some blogging done this week so you aren't having to read any more ramblings!  😉  Have a fabulous week, friends!


  1. Home renovations are SUCH a pain! Congrats on getting so much done in your new house!