Monday 9 February 2015

Minimalism Week #17- Laundry Room

I have drooled over Pinterest laundry rooms many times.  Alas, my laundry room is practical, but definitely not pretty!  Over the last few years the laundry room has also stored several items that had no other home.  This past weekend, I went through it and decluttered the room.

Here is the before:

I donated some items and got Hubby to get rid of his oodles of coveralls (he can't wear them to work anymore).  We had a lot of 'junk' that we held on to just in case.  We finally let it go.  Two bags of garbage came out of this purge.  We donated some bins, curtains and rods, and a shoe rack (not pictured).

The after:

Much better!  Everything in the room is useful and practical.  Just the way I like it!

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