Thursday 19 February 2015

Winter Capsule Wardrobe- Likes, Dislikes and What I Learned

As a first attempt at a Capsule Wardrobe, I am fairly pleased with how my winter wardrobe went.  That being said, it left a lot of room for improvement and learning.  I am going to recap what I loved and what I didn't, as well as the lessons that I am taking into the future.

Hubby pulling Miss. E and I in our sleds!  Oh, the Winter fun!



-Silver jeans-bootcut
-Old Navy Skinny Jeans (Sweetheart style)
-black pleated skirt from Joe Fresh
-black leggings from Reitmans
-black dress pants with leather detail from Reitmans


-Plum sweater from Reitmans
-White collared button up tank from Old Navy
-Blue breastfeeding top- Thyme Maternity
-Purple breastfeeding top-Thyme Maternity
-Buffalo check shirt- Joe Fresh
-Black breastfeeding top- Thyme Maternity
-Striped top- Reitmans

Some of my favourites:

I was happy with all of my footwear and outerwear.


I really didn't like my grey leggings.  They always seemed inappropriate to wear outside.  I styled them a few different ways but I was never happy with the results.

My Denver Hayes sweater. white sweater from Joe Fresh and my red cable-knit sweater from Joe Fresh all made the dislike pile.  I didn't choose good shapes for my body type and these sweater were not flattering at all.  They were comfortable, but I don't think that flattering and comfortable have to be mutually exclusive.

Weird shape, right?

What I had MIXED FEELINGS about:

The dark green cardigan was a beautiful colour but I wish it had been a bit longer.  It worked well paired with a jacket, but on it's own, I never really loved it.

The oatmeal wool cape was super warm, but I hardly used it.  I also like the denim skirt and black and white tank, but I didn't really wear them because of the cold.  I hope that these pieces will be more useful in my future wardrobes, in more appropriate seasons.

I had a black shirt in addition to my black breastfeeding top.  This was redundant.  I wouldn't do that again.  It was a waste of a wardrobe piece.

My black cardigan from Joe Fresh.  I really liked the way that this sweater looked and fit but my mommy-brain (ie. super sleep-deprived) somehow tossed it in with a load of fuzzy sleepers and towels.  Ugh.  I tried salvaging it, but nothing worked.


People with mommy-brain shouldn't do laundry.  Seriously.  (Did you hear that Hubby?)   I just need to pay more attention to how I launder my clothes.

Thick knits and bulky material do not flatter my figure.  I am not a big person in height or build, but I have hips, a bum and my "leftover" baby bump (though it is slowly disappearing).  The aforementioned styles of sweaters don't work for me.  I should aim for tighter knits that sit closer to the body.

I got a lot of use out of my plum sweater.  It had a tighter knit, some "see-through" detailing on the shoulders and it was a good length.  I also got a lot of use out of my striped shirt.  It was comfy enough for at home, but could be styled a bit if we were going somewhere.

I plan to buy a bright cardigan for my Spring Wardrobe, in a similar length to the one I ruined.  It hit me mid-hip and was far more flattering than the cardigan that hit the top of my hips.  I hope I can find one I like!

Somewhere along the line I lost my plaid scarf.  I think I left it at my parent's cabin on New Year's Eve.  I really like the scarf, so I hope it turns up!

I plan to take my lessons into this next capsule wardrobe.  I hope I don't make as many mistakes this time!  I will have a few things to donate!  I am (almost) ready!  Bring it on, Spring!

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