Monday 16 February 2015

Minimalism Week #18- Back Porch Closet

When I first began tackling this project, I thought that it would become more of an organizational project than a minimalism project.  The closet led me to other areas in my house and I was able to donate a bag of warm weather accessories, a blanket, 2 purses and 2 pairs of boots.

Here is my before:

(You can hardly tell our Golden Retriever sleeps by this closet.. Oh my goodness. The hair....)

And the after:

The project branched into other areas of the house, which led to a lot more minimizing.  Of course, once I was on a roll, I didn't take pictures!

I made room for Miss. E's sun hats and toques that will only fit her as she gets bigger.  I donated any winter accessories (mitts, scarves, toques) that I don't wear.  Hubby got rid of some of his winter stuff.  I found a purse and wallet that I don't use.  A lot of little things.  Those things add up, however and I intend to keep this in mind when I am out shopping.  I don't want to wake up one day and find myself overwhelmed by all of the little things that I have collected and hung on to.

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