Monday 19 October 2015

Minimalism Project #26- Miss. E's Clothes

When my daughter was born, our friends and family were more than generous.  We were gifted many adorable outfits for Miss. E.  Combine that with enthusiastic grandparents and we have a lot of clothes that our daughter has now outgrown.  I went through these clothes.  I threw away clothes that were stained.  I donated outfits that we didn't really use much (largely because of the fit).  I organized her dresser drawers, took out the summer outfits and I stored away the clothes that we want to keep for any future children

Here are the before pictures:

Here are the after photos:

All of the "stored" clothing was put into Ziploc Vacuum Bags.  I was given this tip by a friend and these bags are fantastic!  I can now store a year's worth of clothes on one shelf in the basement, where I used to only be able to fit 6 months of clothes.  The bags were awesome and super easy to use.  (I am not being compensated for this opinion.  I just want to share a great product with you.)  I have all of my daughter's clothing in 3 of these Ziploc bags.

Here is the loaded bag before vacuuming:

The bag after vacuuming:

They worked great!  I highly recommend them. 


  1. Wow good job with the organization!! I know parents don't need more clothes for their kids, but whenever I see cute things, I just need to buy them for my friends' babies ;)

    1. Thanks! Ha ha! I am sure your gifts are appreciated. Baby clothes are extremely difficult to resist. ;)