Sunday 4 October 2015

Minimalism/Organization Project #25

This past weekend, I went through one of my 16 month old's closets (she has two in her room).  This closet has been begging for attention for months, but I simply haven't had time.  I tackled it this weekend and it looks so much better.

This is the before photo:

This closet had become a closet where you open the door, toss the item in and then run away.  It was full of clothes that she had outgrown, gifts from her birthday that I hadn't found a home for and other miscellaneous items.

I pulled out all the clothes that she had outgrown and set them aside.  I will do a future blog post on her clothes.  Oh my goodness.  If anything needs paring down, it is the clothes that I have decided to keep for any future children.

I got rid of fifty hangers, which were not needed.  I designated a spot for play clothes and other items that she is still to young to play with.  I donated several items that are no longer in use and that I don't want to hang on to.

I moved a four cube organizer into the closet.  It had originally been sitting out in the room, but I felt like it would be far more useful in the closet.  I was right.  

Here are the after photos:

The closet looks so much better, now!  It is functional and also kind of pretty.  I love not feeling shame when I open the door to it!  Ha ha!  Have a great week!


  1. Wow! You cleaned out that closet really well! Great job! Have a happy Monday!


    1. Thanks, Sarah! I was pleased with the transformation. :)