Tuesday 20 October 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday- 21.10.15

We had a few warm days in the past week.  We even got to 17 degrees Celcius (62 Fahrenheit).  Mostly it has been cool.  10 degrees Celcius (50 Fahrenheit) or less.  I am happy to snuggle up in my sweaters and coats.

#1)  Striped dress + Black leggings + Military Style Jacket + Tom's Shoes

I love the way this outfit feels.  It would have looked better with heels, but I needed flats for my day.  I was warm thanks to the thick knit of the dress and the warmth of the leggings.

#2)  Black Faux Leather Jacket + Red sweater + Skinny Jeans + Black shooties

I love the way this outfit makes me feel.  Confident, bold and put together.  It is a great outfit and it is warm.  Win win.

#3)  Red Sweater + Oatmeal Cape + Skinny Jeans + Brown Tall Boots

This outfit is warm and chic.  The cape is made of wool so it is very warm, but also itchy.  I always wear a long sleeved sweater underneath.

#4)  Buffalo Plaid + Skinny Jeans + Tall Brown Boots

This outfit is quintessentially fall, isn't it?  Buffalo plaid and boots.  I wore this when we went to take some pictures with the Fall leaves.  

Hope you are having a Happy Wednesday!   


  1. These outfits are so cute! I love your jackets too! So pretty!


  2. I love how realistic you are about your outfits, i.e. "but I needed flats for my day." Thank you! Half the time, I see girls in these editorially stunning outfits complete with sky-high heels and I'm just like, ummm... you're not wearing that to the grocery store, are you? haha I think outfit #1 is my fave, love that dress!

  3. Cute outfits! You can NEVER go wrong with buffalo plaid. . .unless it was for a wedding dress or something, I guess.lol


    1. Ha ha! Yes, a buffalo plaid wedding dress would be all kinds of wrong! Ha ha!