Sunday 4 October 2015

Wardrobe Wednesday- Fall Capsule Wardrobe Reveal!

Fall is here.  Definitely here.  The leaves are gorgeous in all the yellows and reds of the season.  The air is downright chilly (3 degrees Celsius or 34 degrees Fahrenheit).  Fall is my favourite season and I was so excited to plan this Capsule.  I really love all of the pieces and I look forward to wearing them in the coming season!  I have a total of 39 items.  I am still looking for a plaid shirt.  If I find one, then I will be at 40, which is sort of my magic number for wardrobe pieces.  I am also looking to replace my jeans over the next few months, so if I find new ones I will just swap them out for the jeans currently in my Capsule Wardrobe.  Here is my Fall Capsule Wardrobe:

Pants:  I have four pairs of pants in my wardrobe this season.  All of my pants are pieces I have used previously in other Capsule Wardrobes.

From Left to Right:  Black leggings (Reitman's), Skinny jeans (Old Navy), Black dress pants (Reitman's), Silver Jeans (Ricki's)

Tops:  I have 24 tops in my wardrobe.  I have room for one more, should I find the plaid top that I am looking for.  My tops are a mix of old pieces and new pieces.

L to R:  Green sweater (Winner's), Plum sweater (Reitman's), Red sweater (Winner's)

L to R:  Grey and black striped top (Reitman's), Leopard top (Suzy Shier), Black and white striped top (Suzy Shier), Grey Gryffindor top (, Black long sleeve shirt (Winner's)

Oatmeal cape (Moose Creek Hat Co.), Cream cardigan (Winner's), Navy and grey cardigan (Winner's)

From L to R: Black sweater poncho (bought from a friend),  Blue boyfriend cardigan (Forever 21), Black cardigan (Me to We Style)

From L to R:  Black tank (Me to We Style), Black Sheer Tank (Joe Fresh), Buffalo check button-up (Joe Fresh), Military style vest (Ricki's), Navy Blazer (Walmart)

Clockwise from top Left:  All You Need Is Less sweatshirt (Joe Fresh),  Dark chambray top (Winner's), Light Chambray (Thrift store find!), and Navy button up top (Winner's)

Dresses and skirts:  I have two dresses and one skirt in my Fall Wardrobe.  Only the striped dress is new.  (Sorry about the camera strap photobomb!)

Striped dress (Joe Fresh),  Black pencil skirt (Ricki's), Black fit and flare dress (Le Chateau-Made In Canada)

Jackets and Coats:  A must have in Canada.  I have one really warm coat and 3 lighter jackets.

Orange toggle coat (Sears), Military style jacket (Aritzia), Black faux leather (Ricki's), Denim jacket (The Bay)

Footwear:  My footwear is all closed-toe and many are boots.  They will get me through the season.  Unless, of course, it snows.  I will then swap out shoes for winter boots.

Light brown boots (Sears),  Leopard flats (Payless), Black flats (Toms),  Tall brown boots (I honestly don't remember where I got these!)  Black shooties (Reitman's)

There you have it!  My Fall Wardrobe!  I am excited to start showing you outfits next week.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great pieces! Can't wait to see how you style them! Happy Wednesday!


    1. Thank you, Sarah! I am excited to put some outfits together. :)

  2. You've got some great pieces in the mix! I especially like the navy blazer with floral accents, I can't believe it's from Walmart! Awesome find!

    1. I was shocked to find a blazer at Walmart. It was quite the find! :)

  3. I feel like if I lived in Canada, I would have so many coats! I want them all, and I only have cold weather a few months a year in Ohio :) Love the buffalo plaid, I'll have to check out JCPenney soon, I have yet to find a plaid that fits me well.

    1. They are necessary! I also want all of the coats. Ha ha. We wear them a lot and I get sick of mine. Good luck in your hunt for Buffalo plaid. It can be tricky to find the right top. I am still looking for my regular plaid top.

  4. I love what you've compiled! I was just going through my closet today to get some clothes together to sell, and I will tried to actually part with some this time. I don't think i could ever cull down to a capsule wardrobe, but it inspires me to try to be more deliberate with my clothing choices.


    1. Thanks, Tif! I like how the wardrobe makes me consider my style and what works with my life. It is freeing to have a small closet. You don't have to sift through pieces you don't like, or pieces you no longer wear. Good luck with culling your closet!